Thuốc hàn Eco Smart ® Flux – Green Powder/Paste (250g)

Thuốc hàn Harris Eco Smart thân thiên với môi trường dùng cho các mối nối của mọi loại hợp kim đồng.

Dòng sản phẩm thuốc hàn cực kỳ cao cấp và an toàn cho người sử dụng.

Sản phẩm thuộc tập đoàn Harris/ Mỹ

  • ECO SMART® Flux
  • Description: Boric Acid-free Brazing Flux
  • Introducing the world’s first boric acid-free smart flux.
  • ECO SMART® is a unique, patent-pending flux that is designed with color change technology that lets you know when it is time to braze.  Its boric acid free environmentally friendly formula starts out as a green color that changes to clear when the flux becomes active.
  • Features:

    • Boric Acid and Borax free – Envronmentally friendly
    • Homgeneous mix that stays in solution or suspended paste
    • Powder flux has excellent adherence when heated rod is diped into flux
    • Dissolves surface oxides and protects against oxidation during heating
    • Wide activation range
    • Excellent flux coverage during heating
    • Easy flux residue removal

Part Number:

ESF250DG 250g – Green Powder – Bottle
ESF250PG 250g – Green Paste – Bottle
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